Church Growth Basics 101

This program is design to contribute to the growth of churches and expansion of the Gospel around the world. It is designed to train church workers and Pastors on evangelism and management.


Strategies for Church Growth/Ethics

Using Biblical examples, this topic will aim to teach pastors/church workers on how to effectively grow their Churches and increase their standards…


both in terms of quality and quantity. We’ll be training pastors and church workers on effective ways to expand and ensure that their Churches move from where they are to where they will very much like to be. We’ll also be looking at practical ethics and behaviors that come with their position.

Goal and Vision Setting

We’ll help pastors set realistic and feasible goals and make them understand some basic and important truths…


about setting goals. Through that, we aim to help pastors set and achieve their goals. We’ll be looking at practical examples and encouraging them to move forward with a goal, especially when given by God himself.

Conflict/Relationship Management

We’ll be teaching pastors to understand the dynamics that usually cause conflicts and issues when relationships are concerned.


With detailed and copious examples, pastors will be opened o a whole new world of understanding that will help them manage any issues of the sort that arises in their own assemblies, with a view to increasing the image of their Churches and avoiding scandals.

Family Success

Inasmuch as a pastor’s duty is to his congregation and he must give himself to the carrying out and execution of his God-given purpose on this Earth…


he is also a person that should be devoted to his family. We’ll make pastors understand the importance of family and how it can help in fulfilling destiny. We’ll also be providing tips on how to make their marriages and families work, through effective management and strategic planning processes.


A pastor is a leader to his family, his team and his congregation at large. We’ll help pastors come to a realization of the shepherd ministry that…


that they are called to and help them become effective and impactful leaders

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