Get Determined

Get Determined

I propose you focus more on your aspiration/purpose in life than your problems. Invariably, think less of your problems and think more on what you desire to achieve in life.

Thinking more of your problems weigh you down, while think more of your prospects energize your journey to your fertile land.

To every challenge, there is the corresponding prospect. The more the challenges confronting you, the more and better the prospects ahead of you.

The challenges you are passing through could be meant as the training session that will equip you on how to manage your fertile land when you finally get there.

Nothing good ever come easily, and there are no shortcuts to genuine success. Success is a product of hard work, resilience and persistence.

Even in unemployed status, there are prospects. All that is required of you is to think creatively of ways of solving problems confronting people around you and see the corresponding cash flow that follows.

Don’t despise your humble beginning. Start something now, no matter how small. Until you have something doing, God has nothing to bless, because zero multiply by zero = zero

If you can identify and anticipate needs or problems confronting people around you through creative and innovative thinking, and offer solutions to the problems, you will smile to the bank. Gather the carcass and see if eagles/vultures will come.

It is not late to start something creative, because it’s better late than never.

Don’t be too hard on yourself no matter the challenges confronting you, because you are not the first to pass through such and will surely not be the last. Remember, the rich also cry.

May God turn your pressure to pleasure. I see a nonentity becoming a celebrity.

Don’t allow your background to perpetually keep you on the ground, rather, allow it serve as the springboard to your greatness.

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